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Bongo Hospitality Breathes Life!

Bongo Hospitality becomes a federal legal partnership between Chef Victor Bongo and Mack Benz

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Emma Fox, The Fox Den Agency.

Aug 1, 2023

Chef Victor Bongo and Mack Benz have married their skillsets and adopted a legal partnership to pursue their hospitality dreams. They expect to release their first product this fall, a prepackaged soup.

Between the two partners they boast over 40 years of hospitality experience, and neither of them are 40 yet. Industry professionals since their teens years, hospitality and entertainment has allowed them both a chance to travel their own path, finally reuniting as a powerful collaborative umpteen years later to form Bongo Hospitality.

Chef Victor Bongo, the President and co-founder of Bongo Hospitality is a highly decorated, red-seal endorsed Chef that creates a global fusion style that speaks to anyone and everyone. He adops a farm to table style approach and incorporates his nuance and passion in every dish.

Mack Benz, his childhood friend, business partner, co-founder and director of operations, has a business degree, specializing in general business management and organizational behaviour, bought and paid for thanks to bartending throughout the years. He's started numerous businesses, produced independent films and co-owned a restaurant, all the while travelling the world in his downtime.

The two, now combining forces, are starting their hospitality empire, known as Bongo Hospitality and its myriad of subsidiaries. Among them are;

  • Bongo Foods

  • Bongo Wines

  • The Bongo Foundation

  • and Bongo Group Publishing

Through all their new initiatives, they hope to bring cohesion to the brand and to Chef Victor Bongo and his vision. This vision is a synergy of good food, hitting fundraising goals and uniting people.

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