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Brainstorming in the Kitchen

About Bongo Hospitality

A culinary explorer and a business school bartender navigated the hospitality world for years as solo adventurers.

Finally, a time came where the two life-long friends could marry their skillsets to form a hospitality-focused business with a large philanthropic focus and a global network of industry professionals.

Bongo Hospitality is all those factors coming together to reinforce our goal of offering culinary and bar-related service packages, educational seminars and tangible products.


Founded in 2023 as a legal partnership (in Canada), Bongo Hospitality has two main operating partners, (Mack Benz and Victor Bongo) and other contracted employees, alliances & firms that carry out their global operations.   

Chef Victor Bongo

Victor Bongo


Mack Benz

Mack Benz


Chef Victor Bongo, is a highly decorated Canadian Chef.

Originally hailing from The Democratic Republic of Congo, he incorporates his

African roots, philanthropy and education in all facets of his cooking. Chef

Bongo’s cooking style can be described as global fusion, he creates cuisine that

incorporates sociocultural trends and he sources local ingredients from the farm

to table. Chef Bongo cares deeply for his philanthropic endeavors having been a

contributor to various non-profit organizations throughout the world. 

This summer (2023) he will be taking a residence at the luxury Chilko Experience

Lodge on Chilko Lake, where he will create fine dining experiences for guests as well as providing intimate cooking classes to those interested in honing their art.

Chef Victor Bongo is an award winning chef, author and president of Bongo Brands. Hailing from humble beginnings in the Congo, Chef Bongo was given the “Chef of the Year Award”; in the Yukon Territories for four consecutive years (2008-2011), in recognition of his unique food creations. Moreover, he was awarded Gold Medals for youngest Accomplished Chefs in 2008 by the Canadian Culinary Federation of Chefs and in 2020 he was nominated as “One of the Top 10 Best Chefs in all of Canada” by the Chef’s Congres.

Chef Bongo’s cooking style can be described as a fusion of global cuisine that incorporates the latest sociocultural trends, sourcing local ingredients from farm to the table. Chef Bongo is a member of the Canadian Culinary Federation of Chefs and Cooks and of the World Association of Chef Societies.

In addition to his extraordinary work in the kitchen, Chef Bongo provides positive change in the community in Canada, Africa, and Dominican Republic. He is the Vice President of Chain De La Solidarite Nord Sud Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides assistance to people in the Congo. Chef Bongo is a regular donator and supporter for the homeless in Vancouver, BC, Canada in conjunction with Union Gospel Mission.

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About Chef

Chef Bongo, Born to Cook (Book), Bongo Wine
Chef Bongo

Awards &

2015 Westin Kids Menu Refresh
2015 Launch of New Second Cookbook

        “Born To Cook A Passion For Flavour”
2015 VIP Invite Caesar Palace Las Vegas
2015 Guest Chef Series: at Nobu Las Vegas
2015 Guest Chef Series: at Chef Gordon

         Ramsey Steak House Las Vegas
2016 New York Times Show Taste of the

         World Stage
2016 Director British Columbia Chefs


2016 Canada Ambassador for The Best Chef in           the World Private Club
2016 Launch of Bongo Wines (Enchante by

         Chef Bongo).
2017 Launch of Ambrosia Restaurant &

         Lounge By Chef Bongo
2017 James Beard Dinner Hall (New York City)
2018 Launch of Bongo BBQ & Pasta
2018 James Beard Dinner Hall (New York City)
2019 Launch of Bongo Bistro on Serendipity 


2020 Partnership with Villa Taina Restaurant


2021 Launch of Bongo Wines product of Spain 2021 Front Cover Plus magazine
2021 Partnership and operation of 2 Bongo

Branded restaurants and waterpark in

Casa Linda

2023 Celebrity Chef at Chilko Experience All


2023 Gold Medals at Spain Int'l Chef Week for

Canada and The Congo,

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