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Chef Bongo with his latest book
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Born to Cook

A Passion for Flavour

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Born to Cook, A Passion for Flavour
Chef Bongo Stylized

Chef V. Bongo has established a reputation for culinary works of art that challenge the status quo. Through devotion, attention to detail and a relentless passion for culinary excellence, he has successfully incorporated intense and tempting flavours from around the globe into delicious recipes found in his books.



The Excellence of
Chef Victor Bongo

Published, 2009

Chef Bongos Two Books



Born to Cook
A Passion for Flavor

Published, 2015

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About His Latest Book
Born to Cook

Tells the tale of ‘Chef Bongo from the Congo’ – his struggle, his work ethic and how he rose to become one of Canada’s most distinguished chefs. He shares his own story, taking the reader on a journey back to his roots in the Congo; along the way, he shares memories of special times cooking with his mother and primary inspiration, Mama Bongo.


Chef Bongo reveals his ‘secret recipes’ in this book – those that helped elevate him from Dishwasher to Executive Chef. Each recipe has a story…one that holds a special place in his heart. These are dishes Chef Bongo created with a twist of ‘Bongo love’ for his family and friends. He believes a great cook is never without great friends. And those friends contribute to this book in many ways. For example, Chef Bongo works closely with his close associate and master sommelier, Vignoble Français, who offers wine pairings throughout the book.

Chef Bongo is also dedicated to fostering positive change within his community. He built, and continues to fund, an orphanage in the Congo and also works with kids in Canada…helping them fight against childhood obesity and showing them the fun of cooking. Through this book, Chef Bongo wants to leave a positive impact on society and hopes to encourage anyone who reads it to do the same. He is the proverbial man-on-a-mission. Savour his story…told with food, wine and family.

Young Chef

Chev V. Bongo, Humble Beginnings, 2001

Chef with Mama in African Outfit

Chev V. Bongo, Mama Bongo, 2012

Chef Bongo Orphanage

The Bongo Foundation Orphanage, The Congo, 2013

Authentic Cooking
Made for Everyone

Discover the rich culinary heritage of Africa, passed down through generations of traditional cooking practices, now infused with globally-inspired flavors and presented by an internationally acclaimed, award-winning celebrity chef.


This unique fusion of cultures and cuisines offers a taste of the world on every plate, ensuring that each dish is both delicious and authentic. Whether you're looking for bold flavors from the savannas of East Africa or the spicy curries of The Congo, this book has something for everyone. So why wait? Dive into the diverse world of African cuisine today and experience the magic of generational knowledge come alive on your plate!

Bongos shrimp gnocchi

Recipe from Born to Cook

Bongos salmon and lobster pea risotto

Recipe from Born to Cook

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