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Wine barrels

Bongo Wines


Chef Bongo Suit Posing w Wine

Grapes, terroir, mother nature.


When they dance in sync, their berries blossom into

a bountiful blend in which we reap the benefits.

Those luscious harvests yield an unimaginably

delectable nectar that tells a tale in every sip.


I'm here to bottle a small piece of that and share it with you.

Since 2010 Bongo Hospitality has bottled over 10,000 bottles of wine. They have sold in over 15 countries. Currently we're contracting a boutique winery out of Spain. Chef Bongo is looking to bring more of his favourite blends to market.


Victoire (2018) Cabarnet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Garnacha - Available in Spain, Dominican Republic.

Victoria (2017) - Chardonnay - Available in Spain, Dominican Republic.

Enchante (2014) - Chardonnay - Unavailable, all regions.

Bongo Wines - Victoire
  • Vintage fermentation process started Sept. 2018.

  • Temperatures ranging from 75.2f - 82.4f

  • Aged in 225L French Oak Barrels

  • Aged minimum 18 months in barrels.

  • Bottled April 2020

Victoire (2018)

Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Garnacha

The Harvest:

2017 started with good prospects in terms of rainfall and humidity for the vineyards, the exit of winter was optimal in appearance. Soon came spring with a normal sprouting of plants. The early summer drought that went from the tail-end of spring, into summer, caused a reduction in harvest. However, the grapes in harvest presented an optimal state, healthy and ripe.

The reduction in production and a smaller size of the grains of grape create a higher percentage of skin on the pulp and therefore a higher concentration of properties that were ideal for winemaking. Together with expert technical control and profound knowledge of viticulture the master vintner would extract those highly desired factors with this blended harvest.

Bongo Color of Wine

Victoria (2020)


The Harvest:

100% Chardonnay white wine.

This grape was introduced in the Denomination of Somontano Origin, having a perfect adaption for the weather and the type of existing terrain. Grown on the Valferrera farm in the calcareous sandy soil, it was planted in 2007.

Vintage 2020:

2019 has been a good year climatologically speaking for the cultivation of the vineyard. Cold winter with enough rains to start the sprouting of plants with a good reserve of water in the ground. We continue with a normal spring rainfall for the area, ended with a dry summer, and in the end, some isolated storm left us to finish the maturity of our fruits. Budding developed normally in the vineyards. 


Night harvest carried out the last week of August 2019

Once destemmed, it was left to macerate cold at 48.2F for about 24 hours to later carry out a static racking. The following is done a cold fermentation and finally make another settling and stabilization by cold. Bottled January 2020. 

Bongo Wines - Victoria

Enchante (2016)


No longer available, bottled with Serendipity Wines

Bongo Wines - Enchante
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